About Us

We at The PG House are aware that everyone is looking for a place to call their own. We recognise that choosing a house is much more than an internet search, thus we want to make your journey as happy as ultimately discovering the ideal one!

A house is a treasured memory that last forever; it is a place where the walls embrace memories, the ceilings shelter love and laughter, the quiet nooks provide a much-needed relief, and life itself turns into a cause for celebration. In order to make this trip enjoyable, we start by working together with our clients straight away and being there for them when it counts - from internet search through brokers to eventually discovering that ideal property.

On thepghouse.com, we assist you in both finding and searching. we help you find joy.

Making the difficult process of locating a new home simple

The PG House was started as a solution to the intimidating and tiresome process of looking for a new home in a new city.

The speed with which young adults move from one city to another to pursue their dreams is marvelous, and we are here to support their dream by providing them with more than just a house.

The PG House is the first of its kind technology startup that connects accommodation seekers and providers on a single platform, cutting out the middle-man. We aim to provide a transparent platform where users can see an aggregated list of verified PGs and Hostels to choose from.Users can see the reviews, tariffs, availability and other details all in one place. Our users are young adults who are passionate, determined and are aspiring to live their best lives.


We create communities

All our properties represent a sense of belongingness that makes it a home and not just a place where you stay. We know that our customers work long hours and travel on roads full of jams, and that’s why we make our properties homely. So, you feel relaxed when you come back


How What We Do and Why

The PG House was started with a simple mission in mind to forge a home away from home for the youth of India.


Envision ourselves

By 2025, we aim co-living to be known with The PG House. Every time someone has to find a new apartment, PG, or hostel, they go to The PG House to browse for and secure their new house.

Director's Message

Message from Rahul, CEO

The PG House was founded with the intention of "changing the way young India is living by introducing multiple verified stay choices for them to pick from, making sharing a habit via co-living" We work really on this! And we perform it each day!

The PG House is the mobile application that Hostel/PG uses to accept payments and book guests online. Our website is user-friendly, safe, and secure. We are expanding our network of affordable, friendly hostels and dormitory accross India and beginning to influence property owners to prioritise the security, safety, and serenity of their visitors. Our goal is to change the number of daily stays in PGs and hostels, where rates are affordable for the common person.

The need for student accommodation will increase quickly as more students enrol in higher education each year, and the firm anticipates that this trend will support its expansion. Due to a lack of available and well equipped residential facilities at the schools, there is an increased demand for student housing on the market. The PG House will serve as a virtual friend for corporate businesses to assist in locating homes for their human resources, who are primarily young professionals.
Co-living, like co-working and sharing, is a response to the desire for more sophisticated rental housing alternatives from students and young professionals whose options vary greatly. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 now have a clear preference for this new housing choice, those who don't have a house
The PG House will be the first integrated mobile application and website offering a variety of stay choices, from comfort PG to corporate co-living spaces in the private hostel/PG category.
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(Founder & CEO)